Friday, 9 May 2014

KODAIKANAL "The Gift of the Forest"


Myself and my husband travelled on 30th March 2014 by our own car for 3days (fri-sun).

We started from Banglore at 5:45 to avoid all the traffic on Hosur road.
Travel route :

We had booked a room in Mount Boutiqu Pleasant via cleartrip , the most horrible site , when we were on the way , we thought to confirm our room , but after calling the manager said they have'nt received any booking in our name . We called back cleartrip and they made us wait 5hrs and finally they say "sorry sir , shall we provide alternate arrangements" , another 2hrs they made us wait when we almost reached kodiakanal , they gave us a room at JC Residency , room was ok but rest everything was bad starting from service to staff to food to location.
Never book from cleartrip.

We love to go to places where not too many people are around , and hence we reached around 2 , had lunch and took some rest.
In the evening we went to local market

Next day we went to a place called Dolphin nose , it requires quite a lot of walking , if you are not used to it, it will get really tiring . One must visit in the early morning as it would be cool and foggy . We went around 9am and there were no people but a little sunny with cool breeze.
As we like to trek to places,  it was tiring but fun as the surrounding is only valley. There is nothing much to see here except for view which you can see early morning . It gets really crowded by 10am.

Berijam lake
To enter this lake , we need permit from Forest depatment, only 50cars per day are allowed.
The tickets start to sell at 8am , but te queue for the tickets wil strat at 7, so try going asap. All the travel agents take away this permit and sell at a higher price.
We went one day and did not get it. It is 250Rs permit which agents sell at 500rs.
Next day we went and stood at 7:15 and we thankfully got it because the agents dont obey rules, they join in middle. we were 49th in number. To go to this lake required a 45min drive which is extremely beautiful., There are 2 view points , one being silent valley view point , the most amazing view of a valley that i have ever seen.

Kodiakanal lake
It is an extremely commercialised lake with full pf people in the evening.
They provide cycles to cycle around the lake, It is a very good feeling to drive after 15yrs.

Bear shollay falls
To reach these falls , it requiores 30min of trekking downhill , it is fun to trek down but trekking back up is a pain as it is a uphill.
Waterfall is beautiful but again filled with people if u go late.

Pine tree
It is a complete unique experience with loads of pine trees around.
Pillar rocks

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